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Mr Schiedon has been a long time collaborator with Occupy. He’s one of those rare, annoyingly talented individuals who can pretty much turn their hand to anything that challenges them!

He started his career as a graphic designer, but one day thought he’d try his hand at illustration. Not only did he go on to nail that, he carved out his own unique and unmistakable style, sought after by many a client.
After that he moved into motion work and nailed that too, working on animated commissions for the likes of MTV, The Submarine Channel and Nickelodeon.

The last year or so has seen him experimenting with paint and raw materials as his medium, and yep you guessed it, he nailed that too, exhibiting a large selection of artwork in a solo show titled “Revolution Deformation” at the Concrete Hermit gallery in London, 2009. I’ve even seen him sing on Karaoke, and he ain’t half bad at that either.

So whats next? well plenty it seems. 2010 and 2011 has seen Fons make a definitive move towards being a fully fledged artist, creating an array of art pieces, sculptures, films and installations for both personal and commissioned projects.

A man with a plan is Fons Schiedon’s first institutional solo exhibition in the Netherlands, and It’s an elaborate presentation of experiments that explore the unreliability of representation.

He’s a talented boy, check it out if you are in the area:
February 4 – March 20 2011, MU Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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